An Open Letter to That's Manchester #HireCat

Dear That's Manchester, 


Apologies for the direct email the website contact form isn't working and the phonemail box for the website number is full:


I am a published visual anthropologist with an BSc in Anthropology and MA in Film with practice. I was based in Kent for 9 years and recently moved to the area. With my own camera and sound equipment I feel I would be a lucrative asset to your establishment. I am now based in Reddish, Stockport. 


I propose to find local interest stories surrounding young families and mothers as well as local charitable outlets for the community. For instance; a young mother is forging a business selling glass vulvas! Why? What kinds of conversations do these items bring up? Or: the loneliness of early motherhood and online support groups, how has the internet changed the way we use our local community support? 


I am rather adept at finding interesting and news worthy academic articles that could be worked into news stories as well as finding human interest, I network well and interview well, finding the underlying and more in depth conversations within the superficial. 


I am full of ideas, I can produce, network, film, sound tech, direct, interview, organise contract, permission, and release forms, and edit, entirely, and with skill and talent. I am well educated and have a high interest in politics and social phenomena. I would be an asset to your television company. 


my website is here at I have no up to date showreel as my last film was a short fiction for my dissertation in MA film with practice, although this gathered multiple awards and festival interest. 


Please let me know of any specific roles I could apply for within your company, otherwise please consider my skills, education and proposal. 


I look forward to hearing from you, 


Yours sincerely, 


Catriona Anne Blackburn 


Catriona Anne Blackburn BSc (Hons) MA

Latest publications:


Phaedra Petsilas, Jennifer Leigh, Nicole Brown & Catriona Blackburn (2019) Creative and embodied methods to teach reflections and support students’ learning, Research in Dance Education, 20:1, 19-35, DOI: 10.1080/14647893.2019.1572733


Embodied Reflection–Exploring creative routes to teaching reflective practice within dance training

JS Leigh, P Petsilas, N Brown, C Blackburn - Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, 2019


Nicole Brown: UCL Institute of Education Jennifer Leigh: University of Kent Phaedra Petsilas: Rambert School of Dance

JS Leigh, P Petsilas, N Brown, C Blackburn, 2019

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