I am an experienced ethnographic film maker, wedding and events videographer and video editor, with a unique skill of empathetically gaining the most out of my clientele. 


I capture beautiful candid moments and ensure a classic and beautiful finished film that, through feedback and communication, everyone is happy with. 

A visual anthropologist with a first class degree in anthropology (BSc), I also hold an MA in film with practice, with experience in distribution management, producing and fiction writing and film making.


My strengths are those of camera work and editing. I am an award winning film maker with films featured in multiple festivals, a published academic visual anthropologist,  as well as a having my first film a main feature in the Women Cinemakers magazine. 

An experiences academic film maker in the social sciences,  I am particularly passionate about culturally specific and universal dealings with death and theological imagination, embodied practice and bleeding edge methodology.

I am passionate about public, accessible anthropology. I feel that there is a need for anthropology in the future with the growing wealth of ethical dilemmas, stemming from the technological advancements of our epoch.

I feel that, for public anthropology to be accessible, it must be relatable and sensitive, understanding acknowledging the viewer as an individual.

I like to use popular culture as a tool to reach anthropological themes.

I am passionate about people, both as the universal of humanity and the nuanced and deeply unique individual.

I am a creative writer, editor and film-maker with a wide-ranging knowledge of anthropological sub-disciplines. I have a unique ability to listen and collaborate, to inspire passion within others, and am prolific with far reaching, creative ideas. 

I am able to work as part as a team as well as independently, I am empathetic and understanding; I get along with people well, yet lead with confidence.

My anthropological understanding has given me skills in a huge foundation of different themes. I would excel in any role with a need to understand audience, have inter-personal skills or understand creative aesthetics.  

Althaia Films

Catriona Anne Blackburn


Althaia Films

Services & Pricing

Service: Filming 


Price: £360 per day/£45 per hour, including set up time & expenses


Service: Audio recording


Price: £360 per day/£45 per hour, including set up time & expenses

Service: Filming and separate audio recording


Price: £460 per day/£50 per hour, including set up time & expenses

Service: Video editing


Price: £45 per hour/£360 per day

Service: Film production upon consultation and with direction.


Price: Negotiable upon consultation.

Standard quotes for 10 minute academic film collaboration – £1000

Standard quote for 2 minute film for promotional purposes etc – £150​​

Standard quote for full production of 10 minute academic film collaboration – £900

Standard quote for full production of 10-20 minute standard corporate film - £1000

Standard quote for full production of 2-5 minute film for promotional purposes, etc. – £200

I am open to working with other creatives as a director, camera operator, video editor or producer upon discussion. 


Contact Me

Stockport, Manchester, UK



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